The Rapid Read Thai Video Workshop

The self-study interactive Rapid Read Thai onine course is all you need to learn to read Thai.

However, some people prefer the personal touch - but don't have the time or the money or live too far away to attend a live workshop.

I  made this video workshop-in-a-box especially for you.

The 80-odd video mini lessons in the series is your personal companion (me!) while you work through the Rapid Read Thai online course. I provide explanations and cover details and nuances that were too cumbersome to include in the self-study online course. Basically, we work through the course together - just like in a workshop. It's the next best thing to having your own personal trainer... and maybe even better because you can listen to me explaining the concepts at any time of day or night, and as many times as you need to understand - or review - the material.

The videos are integrated into the self-study Rapid Read Thai online course. Just click on my smiley face, watch the video and do the exercises. You will be amazed at how easily and quickly you will learn how to read (and begin to understand) Thai. The first few foundation lessons are around 10-20 minutes in length, but thereafter they are no more than 10 minutes each. Allow an additional 15 minutes to work through the exercises for each lesson.

You will also receive a series of workshop notes and Supplementary Reading Exercises (you may need to log in as a guest first to view).

Read Thai Supplementary Texts - click to log in and view

These consist of menus, short stories and popular songs for review, consolidation and sheer enjoyment that will get you started on speaking and understanding Thai after you've completed the course and can read! They consist of interactive audio and a set of over 400 'Anki' vocabulary flashcards. These will consolidate what you've learnt and help you gain fluency and understanding when you read.

Try before you buy.

Watch the foundation lessons for free and only when you can see for yourself how effective (and effortless) they are, then come back and sign up for one of the self-study Rapid Read Thai online courses or come to an intensive six-day workshop and get it done all in one go.

Free Foundation Lessons - the Video Workshop series

The youtube videos open in a new tab (or window).Here is the lesson on how to figure out the tones in Thai

So, what about the tones? - How to read Thai Tones, the Rapid way (22 mins). Don't worry if it seems overwhelming at first. In fact, you might want to slow it down when watching it the first time! It'll be the same feeling as when you first learnt to drive - so many things to think of at once. But with a bit of practice, it will become very straight forward. Besides, it's something you shouldn't bother with until you repeat the course. The Rapid Read Thai courses have been designed to be worked through twice: once to learn the letters and practice reading Thai words, the second time around to consolidate what you've learnt and to focus on and practice figuring out the tone for each word.

Watch this lesson quickly without trying too hard to understand it - just so that you get a feeling for why the sex of a word is important - and then work through the course online before coming back to it. 

How to watch the videos


The free trial version of the course

You will learn a great deal in the next hour. Enough to be able to recognize and pronounce hundreds of simple Thai words. Make sure you are registered for the free trial version of the course and work through the introductory chapters again (to refresh lessons 1 and 2 above). The next five lessons illustrate how the videos are incorporated into the course, while the remaining two trial lessons (for the igloo vowels) are from the more basic audio-only version of the course.


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Price: ฿14,000 (£320 / $395 / €375) for the complete video workshop package.