The 'Rapid' approach to learning Thai

Although it sounds incredible, you can learn to read Thai in about  16  hours using the ‘Rapid Method’. Most people take 5-6 months to learn the traditional way, and still struggle to read accurately.

In fact  sixteen  is the golden number if you follow the 'Rapid' approach: 16 hours to become literate and only 160 hours over 16 months to achieve fluency.*

This is because of the minimalistic 'need to know' philosophy underpinning the Rapid method: focus on as little amount of material as possible - using Accelerated Learning and other brain-based techniques to internalize and automate the material quickly and easily.

The Rapid strategy is essentially as follows: learn to read, then develop an understanding through reading (and listening to the text being read out aloud), and practice speaking as a physical - not 'linguistic' - skill. I call it Face Gym. Don't bother with writing, it isn't necessary. (If are academically inclined or wish to produce articles then postpone this as a seperate endevor until after you've become fluent in reading and speaking.)

It sounds like marketing hype, doesn’t it? But don’t take my word for it...

This is what participants (real people) have said recently about the ‘Rapid’ course:

“I wanted to thank you for an excellent weekend. I asked my Thai teacher today if she thought it possible that someone with no prior knowledge could learn to read Thai in two days. She said no. When I read some Thai to her she said, "It's a miracle!!!" This morning I was behind a minibus and was able to read that its route was Krungthep to Baan Beung!!!! I was still smiling when I arrived in Pattaya.” Simon Gunn, Managing Director, Channah Thailand.

“[It] was excellent, I learnt and retained more information [in one day] than I had in the previous 3 months by conventional teaching methods.” Mark Pirie, Triumph Motorcyles.

“I was [astounded] at how I absorbed your material and was able to apply it. […] Well done mate - your depraved teaching methods really work.” Jeff Lafaro, Uhde Shedden.

The ‘Rapid’ Method is based on quirky, bizarre and obscene pictures and stories. So you don't need to memorize anything. Taking what you already know naturally in English, we apply it to the Thai language. So-called "rising tones" are exactly the same as asking a question in English: "Why?" And we always use the "high tone" when we feel uncertain or skeptical: "Are you OK?" etc.

The ‘Rapid Method’ simplifies the language to only what you need to know, so no learning the Thai alphabet, Ko Kai, Do Dek, etc. You will learn to ‘see’ the shapes and ‘solve the puzzle’ for each word.


The "D" sound alt looks like an Indian fakir
Doubled over himself, and the

"B" sound alt looks like
a U as in "U-Boat"
(or "Unterseeboot" if you're German).



Each letter has a personality based on its ‘sex’, which is either boy, girl  or ladyboy!  This only matters much later, when you learn how to work out the tones for each word. This bizarre way identifying the letters actually makes tones a doddle.

Try the system out for yourself.

Watch this video
and learn 13 letters in ten minutes, download the trial version of the ebook and learn the most common Thai consonants in an hour - instantly and without memorization! – and sign up for the free ‘starter’ version of the Rapid Read Thai course.

I am very busy and, besides, Thai is an obscure language compared with Chinese or Spanish… and I can get by and work or manage my business in Thailand successfully enough without knowing more than a smattering of Thai.

Many people feel this way, and they are right. It's not essential to know Thai to be able to live and work here comfortably and successfully. Nevertheless, I think it is more useful than you would expect to be able to communicate in Thai if you want to live and work here. I’ve researched the most effective ways of learning a language – with the busy person in mind. I realize that we are all busy with work, family, sports/entertainment and a hectic social life. Devoting time to ‘studying’ is a pretty low priority for most of us (and I include myself).

So my approach is to find ways of learning Thai that requires very little time and effort. I’ve discovered that learning to read is the most important first step. If you attend one of my Read Thai bootcamps then it can be done and dusted in a week.

This then leads on to being able to absorb Thai effortlessly from the environment, the ‘living dictionary’ that surrounds us.

Although it seems counter-intuitive, if you want to be able to speak and communicate then the quickest and most efficient way is through reading… along with listening practice and speech training.

More about this in the follow-on 30-week Everyday Thai for Beginners course and the 50-lesson, one-year Rapid Fluency Course

*Although being 'fluent' can quickly develop into mastering the language at a high level, it does not necessarily mean that you will be capable of advanced and academically correct usage of the language. I define 'fluency' to mean being able to read and understand people and communicate effortlessly at normal speed without thinking about it.