Rapid Read Thai Online Course

Learn to read Thai effortlessly with this remarkable self-study e-course.

Thai is a remarkably easy language. It's only classed as a difficult language because it is usually taught in a very complicated manner.

The reason why Thai is so easy is because it is logical and consistent (unlike English, which is probably the most inconsistent and complicated language in the world). The grammar is as simple as can be (unlike French or German). The writing system is 100% phonetic (unlike English or Chinese): every letter has only one sound.

So what about the tones you might ask? Many words have different meanings if you pronounce them with a different tone - but we have tones in English, and it isn't always so easy to tell what your meaning is in English if you vary the tone. Right?


The tones are kinda important in that you need to vary the tone where expected otherwise you the listener will be taken aback and have to ask "come again...?" But in normal (fast), colloquial speech, words are mostly all run together in a kind of monotone and only a few important words - and the ending of a phrase - needs to be sounded out with the correct tone.

In the Rapid Method, we separate out the letters and their sounds from the tones in a two-step process. Learn all the letters first. You can easily learn the Thai alphabet in a day, but that isn't enough to be able to read Thai. There's a lot more involved, such as how the vowels are positioned (surrounding the consonant letter, not following each consonant in a left-to-right manner as in English), whether to fuse two letters together (as in "prayer") or pronounce them separately (as in "pariah") and how to separate out words when they are written without spaces in-between.

Once you can sound out each word accurately, then you learn how to figure out the tone for each word. You are expected to repeat the course, but this time adding in the tone. After doing this many times, you develop a kind of mental shorthand or dexterity and it becomes automatic and almost immediate.

And - a bit like learning to drive where everything seems so complicated and up in the air at first - it becomes very easy. It turns out that tones are the easiest and least signficiant part of the Thai language!

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Price: ฿5,750 (£132 / $165 / €155) for the older, more basic version of the interactive online course;
or ฿14,000 (£320 / $395 / €375) for the complete video workshop package.

The price for the older, audio-only version of the course has been increased because I don't want you to buy it! I'll continue to support and upgrade it, but it just isn't as good as the more comprehensive video workshop package. It is still available for you if you really can't stretch to paying the full amount or if you're a quick learner who prefers a more DIY approach. You'll still get some of the bonuses, like the Modern Fonts handout, mnemonics for remembering the Thai Numbers and Names of Letters, and the follow-on mini lessons, but if you subsequently purchase the supplementary material that's already included in the video workshop package (reading exercises for menus, short stories, songs, etc.) it will end up costing you more.

I strongly recommend that you buy the video package if you can. It consists of far more detailed explanations and nuances; and I guide you through the reading exercises. The cheaper, older version is the same course but with just a brief (audio) explanation of each letter and you will have to figure out how to read each word in the reading exercises yourself.

You can see the difference betweent the two versions for yourself by signing up for the free trial version of the course. The first few lessons in the main section are from the video package and the last two are from the basic version of the course.

Recent  comment: "I have been living in Thailand for just over two years now and I have tried all sorts of methods to learn to speak and read Thai. I've tried books, CDs, classes etc, but nothing has helped. By watching your videos I have learned a whole lot more Thai than any of the above mentioned. Thank you for your very helpful and enjoyable videos.  Richard Grant


The Rapid Method uses quirky cartoons to associate the shape of the letter with its sound, as well as various subliminal techniques that imprint the Thai Alphabet in your mind and help you to work out the correct pronunciation and tone for each word.

หาย   Humpback - AAH - YackitY yack  =  HAAI?  (to be lost)

"I really enjoy the way you have structured your lessons, which helps a lot with the learning and recollection. Currently I am getting through about 2-3 lessons a day, maybe slightly more, spending about an hour or two a day. Not because I do not on purpose though, it is so enjoyable! I remember all the basic consonants, vowels and tones now, thanks to your methods. I also try to review lessons that I have already done during the day in between breaks at work, so I am hoping to be able to start with conversation [very soon]."  Teresa C

"Congratulations on the fabulous material. All languages should be taught this way. I started on the YouTube videos the night before and was astonished the next morning I had retained all the consonants on those after less than three hours study. This has never happened before with any subject I have studied."  Lhinn Padmottara 

"What really impresses me about your online workshop is that not only is it entertaining and fun - but it is also well structured so that you really learn something! A rare combination indeed."  Annette Larke, Australia

"When I was preparing for my trip of a lifetime to Thailand last year I decided to try to learn a little of the language - Then I read that there were over 60 characters to memorize and nearly gave up.  Nothing about the characters made them identifiable to me and it looked impossible UNTIL I found your course.  exactly what I needed!"  Sherry Strain

"Amazing method. And works really well. I never thought learning to read Thai would be easy... and it's not in most books."  Simon B

“Gary promises miracles when he claims that you can learn to read Thai in as little as two days [Read Thai in a Weekend workshop, 2012]. I know. Madness, right? I took him up on the promise and it is exactly what he delivers. I never expected it to be so fun and easy…”  Jacob Heiberg

"Having fallen in love with Thailand years ago, I became determined to learn the language in order to understand the culture and develop friendships. Of course it became a fairly difficult task to say the least. Then I heard that the people who become really fluent do so by learning to read the language. That turned out to be even more difficult than pronouncing the tones! Through a stroke of good luck I became aware of Gary Orman’s work in teaching a rapid way of learning to read Thai. I immediately signed up for the course and this turned out to be a huge game changer for me! To my complete surprise, in a very effortless way, I was able to read the language! This has had a very profound effect on how I am able to pick up the language and pronounce the tones. Gary really has a passion for teaching people to read and I was very impressed with the level of service he offered. I am indeed extremely grateful that I stumbled across this program!" – Terry Johnston, Canada.


If you're not ready to buy yet then please sign up for the free trial version of the course. You can complete the basic part of the course for free where you will learn to recognize about 30 letters and read and understand your first 100 easy Thai words - all in about three hours! Try out the foundational lessons of the Video Workshop series also for free.


More about the course

vocabularyAs a side effect, you will also pick up around 400 everyday Thai words plus 150 words derived from English. Incorporated into the online course are visual story associations (which are as bizarre, shocking and obscene as possible) to help you to memorize the vocabulary instantly!

As you practice your reading skills (simply by being out and about in Thailand), you will subconsciously acquire a comprehensive 'real Thai' vocabulary. It's a great way to begin learning the Thai language.


If you haven’t already done so, watch this 10-minute video to experience how quickly you can learn to read Thai and – if you’re still not convinced – then subscribe to the free starter course.

The Rapid Read Thai course is backed by a no-quibbles 30-day money-back guarantee. So if you’re in a hurry, get started now and regret at leisure later… (just kidding!)just kidding!

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Price: ฿5,750 (£132 / $165 / €155) for the older, more basic version of the interactive online course;

or ฿14,000 (£320 / $395 / €375) for the complete video workshop package.

If you're not ready to buy yet then please sign up for the free trial version of the course. You can complete the basic part of the course for free where you will learn to recognize about 30 letters and read and understand your first 100 easy Thai words - all in about three hours!

You can upgrade to the video workshop package from the regular audio-only version of the course at any time - just pay the difference of 6,450 baht. Please contact me when you are ready to do so and I'll send you the payment link. You can also change your mind (within 30 days) and downgrade to the more basic audio-only version of the course if you prefer and I will refund you the difference.

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