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Learn to Read Thai in only six days – the ‘Rapid’ way!

Next workshop: February 10-15 (Mon-Sat, 8am-5pm) in Chiang Mai

Come to this remarkable Accelerated Learning course:

  • jumpstart your ability to communicate in Thai;
  • start your journey to fluency;
  • probably the fastest and most effortless language learning system in the world….
  • and no need to memorize anything!
  • plus it’s guaranteed…


Thai is a relatively easy, highly logical and consistent language (unlike English). Reading Thai requires "solving the puzzle" for each word. After the course you will finally be able to read Thai menus, the labels on your beer bottles and understand what all those little shops down the "sois" are selling - the cheap laundry service, the car wash & polish, the computer repair shop, the dressmakers, what kind of beauty treatments or massages are available, cheap rooms for rent, etc. etc. :)

Not to mention, knowing whether that lane you're about to turn into is a short cut or a dead end...!

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What did the Norwegians say? Comments from a German, a Brit and an American
Richard in March 2015
"Just do the course... it's the best way to learn Thai."
Becky in March 2015
"Warning! It's R-Rated."

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Dates and Locations

Intensive Read Thai bootcamp

February 10-15
Mon-Sat 8am-5pm
Price: 42,000 baht
Chiang Mai
Come join us for a learning holiday in Chiang Mai where it's cooler, more pleasant and easier to get around.
  Note. The "Burning Season" in northern Thailand tends to start beginning of March or sometimes last week of February. If you're very sensititve to smoke particles then please check with me first before attending this session.

Discounts: ฿4,500 off pax if you book two or more people together (please contact me first).
Just the difference to pay if you've already purchased a Rapid Read Thai online course.

Click to register for a workshopPrice:42,000 THB
 Click here to book

Note: To pay by credit/debit card, choose PayPal (you don't have to join). And we also accept direct transfers to a Thai bank (baht) or a UK bank (pounds), in which case choose Manual Payment.

What you get

This is the start of a one year program to become conversationally fluent in everday Thai.

Included in the program:


Click to register for a workshopPrice: 42,000 THB

 Click here to book

Note: To pay by credit/debit card, choose PayPal (you don't have to join). And we also accept direct transfers to a Thai bank (baht) or a UK bank (pounds), in which case choose Manual Payment.


Thai Town, Hollywood Boulevard, Los Angeles

Skeptical…? Is it a gimmick or a scam?

It sounds too incredible to be true, but rather than take my word for it,
here’s what (real) people have said about my course recently:



I wanted to thank you for an excellent weekend. I asked my Thai teacher today if she thought it possible for someone with no prior knowledge to learn to read Thai in two days. She said no. When I read some Thai to her she said, "It's a miracle!!!" Simon Gunn, Managing Director, Channah Thailand

Thank you Gary, it has been tremendous fun and tremendously motivating. Ian Chapman, Mayer Brown JSM

It was excellent, I learnt and retained more information [in one day] than I had in the previous 3 months by conventional teaching methods. Mark Pirie, Triumph Motorcyles

I was [astounded] at how I absorbed your material and was able to apply it. […] Well done mate - your depraved teaching methods really work. Jeff Lafaro, Uhde Shedden 

more comments, good and bad, from participants (and skeptics)...